Our Team


Account Manager

  • When did you move to NYC? I moved to Brooklyn from New Jersey a little over a year ago!

  • What are your biggest accomplishments? Have you won any awards? I was STAFFED INC. employee #1 - I currently hold the Boss Lady title. 

  • Who are some of your key clients of which you're most proud? Anything Experiential - large amounts of staff, long hours, music festivals, brand activations, fashion pop-ups - I love it all! 

  • Why do you love the staffing industry so much? I love interviewing + managing people as well as matching talent to brands. You can build the most beautifully fabricated brand activation, but our talent is what brings that experience come to life. This industry is not just a career, this is a lifestyle + I'm about this LIFE! 

  • What makes you passionate about staffing and events? When I was pursuing a career as a singer I worked hundreds of event gigs to pay for studio time + my music engineering + production schooling. I found a passion for relating to and understanding people and the ever-changing events industry. Now I am able to provide work for entertainment talent just like myself and it is so fulfilling! 

  • Besides expanding into the UK, anything else you'd like to call out for your company? 
    STAFFED INC. has never restrained itself to booking specific roles - our portfolio of talent is endless and we accept the challenge of any staffing requests big or small.

  • Anything else you’d like to add? I love to singing, dancing, Girls Nights Out, Humans